Office Interior Design

An office is like a second home – you spend most of your time there, even if not everyone wants to. Therefore, because of the egregious amount of time you spend in your office, you would definitely want to make your time there as comfortable as possible, and perhaps even make your office a nicer place than your home even! This brings some benefits of its own, including raising worker morale. In this article, we will be looking at some ways you can spruce up your office and increase worker efficiency, all with an office interior design and office renovation in Singapore!


Colour is a crucial part of an office interior design, as it is actually proven that different colours actually have different psychological effects on the people in the office. For example, yellow tends to increase creativity in workers while orange creates feelings of contentment. While this is just the tip of the iceberg, we recommend that you look up what the different colours do and plan your office colour scheme accordingly. If you are in a design firm, you will want more exuberant colours to stir up your worker’s creative juices – just an example of how to choose a colour scheme that will best complement your office’s industry.

More space, more stays

Space plays an important factor in every office interior design, and if you want to make your office a better place to work in, space is something that you will have to work into your plans. Some recent studies have shown that open space offices are less productive than closed off spaces, and this might be a way to improve your office’s productivity if you currently own an open space office. Remember to research and find out how best to lay out your office so that you can bring out the best in your workers.

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Lighting is extremely important in a working space as light affects both the ambience and mood of a room. Make sure that there is an ample amount of light in your office to reduce eye strain, and the best kind of light is still natural light, so try to let as much natural light into your office as much as possible. With good lighting conditions, workers will get tired less quickly and be able to sustain a longer production period.

Find out more about Office Interior Design

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