Commercial Renovation

A commercial renovation is a pretty big deal, and with such an important matter, there comes the equally important choice of who you can entrust this task to. Introducing Y-Axis ID, one of the best renovations and interior design companies in Singapore. We will be looking at how we can help you to get the most out of your commercial renovation, and to ensure that you get the best out of your money for the best possible results!
Great Designers Means Great Working Spaces

All renovation and interior design companies require one thing, and one thing alone. Competent designers. All the customer service in the world means nothing if you cannot even accomplish the most basic function you are supposed to do. When one expects a flawless commercial renovation, our top notched designers are here to help. Our designers have also been quoted to come up with bold and innovative designs that are ahead of this time! Not only is the broad design spectrum impressive, but the little details matter as well, and the results of their work show. If a great design coupled together with great customer service is what you are looking for, Y-Axis ID might very well be the company you were looking for.

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Impeccable Services, Always
Y-Axis ID provides a great customer service experience, and our reputation in the industry certainly proves it. With a great many projects under our belt, the hordes of satisfied customers they have left in their wake has only generated more buzz, as the happy customers eagerly recommended Y-Axis ID to their friends as well. If you are looking for a great customer service experience, you have come to the right place. Find out for yourself how we have managed to jump ahead of the competition with our customer service experience.


Quality Assurance

Y-Axis ID is recognised within our customer base, and we are also officially certified in the industry as well, snagging a great many awards that would make other renovation companies look on in envy. What this means for you is that when you go for Y-Axis ID, you can be assured of only the very best in quality, as well as a great ending result that you have always envisioned. To learn more about Y-Axis ID, you can visit us here.